Washington County Interfaith Mayors’ Luncheon – “Unity in Diversity”

Oscar Eugenio sang "One Family", among other songs.

Oscar Eugenio sang "One Family", among other songs.

Bahá’is recently helped plan and participate in the third annual Washington County Interfaith Mayors’ Luncheon held in Beaverton on February 13, 2008. Theme for the event, sponsored by the Washington County Inter-Religious Action Network, was “Unity in Diversity.”

Various mayors, city council members, county commissioners, and other community leaders were special guests. They were welcomed by Mayor Tom Hughes of Hillsboro.

Keynote speaker was Rabbi Michael Cahana who serves at Congregation Beth Israel in Portland. Several other religious faiths and faith communities were represented with a number of speakers presenting interfaith reflections. They included speakers from various Christian churches, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, and Unitarian, as well as Bahá’i and other faith communities. They all shared thoughts on the theme of “Unity and Diversity,” a principle teaching of the Bahá’i Faith, from their own faith’s perspective or scripture.

Bahá’i musician, Oscar Eugenio, delighted those gathered with several songs, including “Blessed is the Spot” which is a Bahá’i prayer; “One Family,” a song written by Baha’i artist Red Grammer; and “Notes of Love,” another Bahá’i inspired song.

The annual event was initiated three years ago by Mayor Rob Drake of Beaverton. In his commitment to bringing the diverse religious and community leaders in Washington County together to encourage and celebrate our common goals, Mayor Drake asked the Inter-Religious Action Network to sponsor and plan the event.

The mission of the Inter-Religious Action Network is to bring people from all faith communities together to build respect for our diversity and to provide leadership for the improvement of life in Washington County. Members of the Bahá’i Faith are represented on the Council of the IAN (Inter-Religious Action Network).