Bahá’í annual election featured on Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio’s Eight Forty-Eight program featured a story June 3, 2008 on the unique Bahá’í election process, through which the Faith’s national governing body is elected each year without nominations, campaigning or electioneering.

“Though the season of primaries is almost behind us,” said Eight Forty-Eight co-host Gabriel Spitzer, “November is nearly half a year away and we could still be in for a lot more partisan politics and mudslinging. If it seems like there ought to be a more civil way to run democratic elections, members of the Bahá’í faith say that’s because there is. And once a year, they refine a new democratic process in that big white temple in north suburban Wilmette. The 100th Bahá’í National Convention was recently held there. Eight Forty-Eight contributor Jennifer Brandel watched the process.” Listen to the full story here.