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These are a sample of the types of activities in our Children’s Spiritual Education Classes. Arts and crafts are activities that can enrich a child’s learning of spiritual concepts. Davina, a Bahá’í youth who teaches children, created these coloring pages for use in her own children’s classes.

Both coloring pages fit 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size paper.



Coloring Page

Show Loving-Kindness to All Living Creatures

“It is not only their fellow human beings that the beloved of God should treat with mercy and compassion, rather must they show forth the utmost loving-kindness to every living creature.” —’Abdu’l-Baha,

» Click here for Kindness to Animals Coloring Page PDF



Coloring Page

Remembering to Pray for Your Parents

“Blessed is he who remembereth his parents when communing with God.” —The Bab

» Click here for Praying for Parents Coloring Page PDF



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Special thanks to Davina Behin Jones for the coloring pages artwork.
Coloring page artwork © 2009 Davina Behin Jones