Baha’i Faith, Persecution in Iran Discussed on Portland Radio

On October 1st, Portland Baha’is Delaram Adyani and Grace Reed were interviewed by DJ Jim Whinston on the KPSU radio show Fathers, Mothers, & Families.

The main discussion topic was the underreported story of Iran’s systematic persecution of Baha’is, the country’s largest religious minority. Additionally, Delaram and Grace had the opportunity to expound on the uniqueness of the Faith, its history, and many of its central tenets, such as inclusiveness, non-involvement in conflict, progressive revelation, and the significance of virtues.

The program concluded with a prayer for protection, chanted in Farsi and set to music. Delaram described the show as a “fireside on air.”

The show is archived on the KPSU website, where it is available to be streamed or downloaded.

This was the Delaram and Grace’s second appearance on the show.