Martin Luther King Jr. event featured on OregonLive


Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. prepared by Dennis Noack.

Youth from around Washington County played a big role in the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on Sunday at the Southminster Presbyterian Church. Naman Jain, a junior at the School of Science and Technology in Beaverton, won the Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission’s Creative Expressions Contest with his poem, “Hope for Tomorrow.” Dennis Noack, a Baha’i student at Beaverton’s Arts & Communication Magnet Academy, presented a video montage of Dr. King’s life: “in order to keep history from repeating itself, we have to remember those who played a big role in helping us change for the better.”

Julie Rubenstein, Chair of the Planning Committee and a Baha’i from Washington County, emphasized the importance of involving the youth in these celebrations. “It’s important for them to be aware,” she said. “That’s part of our education piece.”

The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration was sponsored by:

  • Washington County
  • Inter-Religious Action Network of Washington County
  • Human Rights Council of Washington County
  • City of Beaverton and the Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission
  • Portland Community College at Rock Creek

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