Meditation while Taking out the Trash

By Venustiano Olguin – 10/19/2011

As I took out the trash during an early October night,
The Oregon clouds mysteriously cleared, skies turning bright.
I looked up, my eyes captured by the unceasing twinkling above
When suddenly, in a rush of heartbeats, I could feel the Creator’s love
Engulfing my consciousness, the core of my being, igniting my heart,
As I sensed the Glory of God in this immensity of which I’m a tiny part.

With time seeming to stand still in the face of a vastness of this scope,
Images came to mind captured recently by humanity’s Hubble Telescope
Images that were birthed from galaxies an incredible 13 billion years ago,
Expanding the estimated size of the universe to 100 billion galaxies all aglow
Sustained in their existence second by second as I stood there spellbound,
By the Power and Glory at Whose behest we are all loved and bound.

Ever since I took out the trash during that unforgettable October night
I strive through word and deed to keep the love in my heart burning bright.
Though I am but a minuscule piece of dust, the Creator made me aware,
That across endless expanses of time and space flows his unceasing care
Teaching us that eon after eon, material reality signifies His loving embrace
Calling us to love Him by loving each other regardless of what faith and race.

© Copyright 2011 Venustiano Olguín – All Rights Reserved