Portland Baha’i Center Gets New Sign

Three years ago, a nasty traffic collision sent a pickup truck hurtling through the Portland Baha’i Center’s sign. The wooden sign, lovingly crafted by the late Mr. Shapour Meshkin, had weathered many Portland winters and didn’t survive the pickup’s impact. As insurance settlements tend to go, it took nearly three years to receive compensation for the sign’s destruction. During that time, the Baha’i Center went without much visible identification. In fact, many people in the neighborhood were unsure as to whether the building was even in use.

Upon finally receiving a settlement from the insurance company, the Assembly ordered a new sign. Although the sign is fabricated of metal, it was designed to resemble marbled stone. Elegant and sturdy, the new sign is now installed at the left-front side of the building, facing N. Ivanhoe Street. It will identify the Portland Baha’i Center for many years to come.