Bahá’í Youth in the News

A recent Lake Oswego Review included two articles featuring young Bahá’ís of the area. “Powerful lessons” introduces the Ash Street Virtues Class and its founders and teachers seventh-grader Jada Badiyan and eighth-grader Julia Yazhari, who “teach classes that are inspired by faith but open to children of all faiths, and they focus on developing good qualities in children.”  Meeting neighbors door-to-door to invite children to participate was one of many taskss Jada and Julia took on to establish the classes on a regular basis.

The article goes on:  “Last month, Jada, Julia and their students caught the attention of employees at the City of Lake Oswego Parks & Rec Department because of an act of service. Natural area maintenance worker Eric Hirshberger says he was glad to meet Jada and Julia and their team of students when the group participated in a tree-planting event on Dec. 4 at Hallinan Heights Woods.
“I thought this group was amazing,” Hirshberger says. “It was inspiring to see how the older kids were helping the younger ones. They all came to the volunteer event ready to work; they planted 200 plants in an hour and a half. All the kids were great. They asked questions and really enjoyed helping to restore a natural area.”

Read the full article and see pictures here:  powerful-lessons

“Honoring more than one icon” interviews Melissa Lowery, director of diversity and inclusion at Jesuit High School in Portland, about Martin Luther King Jr.

This article goes on:  “The Lake Oswego Bahá’í community holds a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day every year in keeping with the Baha’i tenet of freedom for all.”  Youth and children from Lake Oswego United Church of Christ and the Beit Haverim Jewish community joined Bahá’ís for this year’s event.

Read the full article and see pictures here:  honoring-more-than-one-icon