February Events 2019

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“Humanity’s New Horizon

Every day the headlines bring fresh news of a world in turmoil—conflict, confusion, catastrophe everywhere. Where does one turn for hope?

What we are experiencing, really, is the birth pangs of a new era. We are on the threshold of a whole new stage of human history. . .

sunrise on water

Ordinary people, like you and me, are daily seeking solutions. People from all countries, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life. They are searching, seeking, coming up with ideas for solutions, testing them, reflecting on the results and refining the process. People everywhere are learning to collaborate with unlikely allies and discovering surprising benefits and insights.

This is how it begins. This is how we build a vibrant, prosperous, dynamic global community—we connect with each other and we learn from each other. . . To assist with this process, I’ve built this website to provide tools, inspiration and insights. It’s a place to share what we are learning.”   Read more from the local “Our Prosperous World” blog here.

Dialog: Social Justice:  every Monday in February, 7:00 pm, Bahá’í Center, 16103 SW Lake Forest Blvd., Lake Oswego, OR, 97035. Everyone is welcome to this discussion of Bahá’í solutions relating to social justice issues. For more information, please call Jan at 503-639-8919.

Devotions/Men’s coffee:  every Tuesday in February, 10-11 am, 174 N.W. 3rd Ave, Bettis Building, Canby.  All are welcome. For more information, please call Larry at 503 266-9922.

Interfaith Prayers for Peace, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 6:30-9:30 pm, Gresham Library, 385 NW Miller Ave, Gresham, Oregon 97030.  Join the Bahá’ís of Gresham, Fairview and surrounding communities for our monthly interfaith prayer vigil at the Gresham Library, in the heart of downtown Gresham. Please feel free to bring prayers, music, poetry, and other expressions of peace as we seek to build community in troubled times. Children welcome. Monthly on the first Tuesday.

Devotions/study: every Wednesday in February, 9-10:30 am, Mulino.  A devotional and study gathering for women. For more information, please call Marylin at 503-510-5093.

Devotions: SE Portland, Wednesday Feb. 6, 6:30 pm.  We love to meet new people and look forward to seeing you at our monthly interfaith devotional program followed by a potluck dinner.  For more information, please call the Moshtael-Hill family, 503-282-0783.

Dialog: introductory, every Friday in February, 7:00 pm, Bahá’í Center, 16103 SW Lake Forest Blvd., Lake Oswego, OR, 97035. We’ll delve into the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith and the world’s religions as a source of inspiration and guidance on our personal journeys. People of all backgrounds and beliefs are most welcome to join this evening of exploration and sharing. Please bring your questions! We’ll have light refreshments and mingling at 7:00 pm and begin our group conversation around 7:30 pm. For more information, please call Beth at 503-636-1674.

Devotions: Gladstone, Sunday Feb. 10, 11-12:30.  All are warmly invited to an informal, small group prayer gathering. Please feel free to bring a favorite prayer from any faith.
For more information, please call Mary or Ani, 503-995-8959 or 503-868-4541.

Ayyám-i-Há, or “Days of Ha” are days of celebration, hospitality, charity and fellowship.
These special days in late February come toward the end of the Bahá’í year, which is divided into 19 months of 19 days each. The next newsletter will include Ayyám-i-Há activities, and you can also check the website calendar.

There are many devotional gatherings weekly throughout the metro area, including every Sunday at both the Portland and Beaverton Bahá’í Centers.  Bahá’í Center of Lake Oswego hosts many events each month, which are posted on its Facebook page.  To see more of the activities, please visit the website calendar at portlandbahai.org for a listing of discussion gatherings, devotionals, children’s classes and devotions, and youth activities.  The website is the place to check for last-minute changes in events!
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To watch the 50-minute film Light to the World, about the life of Bahá’u’lláh and the impact of His teachings on people around the world, go to http://www.bahai.org/light-to-the-world/ or  click HERE.  This dvd is in the Washington County public library system.