Resources May 2020

“In this presentation hosted by the Wilmette Institute, Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing explores how while our experience with the coronavirus pandemic is extremely painful, it also provides us a rich opportunity to build a more peaceful and secure world. 
Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing is an international lawyer, author and the founding director of The Center for Peace and Global Governance (CPGG), a virtual think tank and online forum that pools and proposes principled solutions to pressing global problems through publications, podcasts, lectures, workshops and targeted consulting.”
. . . “Envisioning a world where universal brother and sisterhood is the
norm is the first step, since you can’t create something you can’t even
imagine. Yet as we struggle to find real answers to the spread of
coronavirus, it is not difficult to see how the spiritual and the
practical work together. Let’s see what our response to the Ebola
outbreak taught us in that regard . . . ” Marie Gervais

“One of the opportunities inherent in the global challenges we face, whether it is the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, or the threat of nuclear war, is the recognition that short-term, reactive, solutions no longer serves us. Instead, we must employ long-term, proactive thinking, and apply a set of global ethics that we identify and agree upon.”

“The current crisis is highlighting the degree to which we are interdependent and connected. While many of our greatest threats (like the coronavirus pandemic) are collective, we lack the necessary global institutions to make authoritative and binding decisions and to enforce them. Together we will explore the kinds of institutions we need to create to ensure humanity’s collective well-being.”

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