September Resources 2020

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Got hope? Bahá’ís work humbly, seek to always be learning, and are working to continue to build the community life that is healing and empowering for all, based on the writings of the Bahá’í Faith. We welcome everyone, of all religions or none, from every background, to join these efforts.

This reflection written by Vafa Ghazavi is included in the new series from The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace on Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was previously published in Public Seminar, an independent project of The New School Publishing Initiative.” The author writes: “Our common humanity could become the starting point for a politics of justice, rather than an extension of altruism.”

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Session 1: Religion and Human History Presented by John S. Hatcher
“This first session discusses what the Bahá’í writings indicate is an inextricable relationship between the advent of the Manifestations or Prophets of God and the advancement of human civilization. It further broaches the idea that creation itself emanates from the desire of God to be known that human beings can thereby become enlightened and evolve spiritually and materially, both in this life and the afterlife. For more information, please visit” offers bi-monthly conversations that provide an uplifting moment to turn our thoughts towards spiritual ideas. Each session invites participants to consider the oneness of mankind, our individual capacities to create change, and the depths of our collective spiritual purpose.” See their YouTube channel to view previous sessions.

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Bahá’í Chair for World Peace

Join us on September 17 to hear Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, founder of Urban Ocean Lab, and founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, speak on Climate Science, Policy, and Justice. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, policy expert, writer, and Brooklyn native. She is founder of Urban Ocean Lab, a think tank for the future of coastal cities, and founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, a consulting firm for conservation solutions. Recently, she co-created the Blue New Deal, a roadmap for including the ocean in climate policy. Previously, she was executive director of the Waitt Institute, developed policy at the EPA and NOAA, served as a leader of the March for Science, and taught as an adjunct professor at New York University. Dr. Johnson earned a BA from Harvard University in environmental science and public policy, and a Ph.D. from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in marine biology. She publishes widely, including in The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian, and she blogs on Scientific American. She was named one of Elle’s 27 Women Leading on Climate. Outside Magazine called her “the most influential marine biologist of our time.” Her mission is to build community around solutions to our climate crisis.” You can find more information on the event here. And register for the event here.

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