An Alternative Reality for Democratic Process 101

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By Scott Raymond Politics. Like it or not, it’s been with us since time immemorial and seems to be as much a part of being human as is having five fingers on each hand. But the Baha’i Faith is indeed a religion for “the people from the future,” as more than one observer has called [...]

Continuing the spirit of the winter holidays

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With the Baha’i Faith being the newest of the world’s independent religions (it began in 1844), many Baha’is come from family backgrounds where other spiritual traditions were embraced and celebrated. So, when winter holidays, such as Christmas and Hanukkah, come each year, many Baha’is are asked, “Do you still celebrate these holidays even though you’re [...]

History of the Baha’i Faith in Portland

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November 25 marks the 105th anniversary of an organized Baha’i community in Portland. Read on to learn more about the early history of the Baha’i Faith in Portland… The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Portland, Oregon incorporated on April 5, 1939 as a “non-profit” for religious activity. This was done in response to a [...]

Meditation while Taking out the Trash

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By Venustiano Olguin – 10/19/2011 As I took out the trash during an early October night, The Oregon clouds mysteriously cleared, skies turning bright. I looked up, my eyes captured by the unceasing twinkling above When suddenly, in a rush of heartbeats, I could feel the Creator’s love Engulfing my consciousness, the core of my [...]

Iranian Baha’i refugee recounts journey to freedom in new novel

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October 25, 2010 Even as a child, Roya Movafegh knew her story had to be told—a family’s perilous journey through the Pakistani desert, fleeing religious persecution in Iran. As Bahá’ís, there was no question what their fate would be if they were discovered and returned to Iran, where more than 200 Bahá’ís were killed in [...]

Virtues in today’s society

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by Anita Cleven Children live in a society where their moral character is constantly tested with worldly desires, selfish thoughts, and vain imaginings. According to the US Surgeon General, almost one out of every three (sixteen to seventeen year olds) in the United States reports that he or she has participated in acts of serious [...]

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