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March Events 2017


On March 19, you are invited to celebrations of the New Year/Naw-Rúz!  March 1-19 is the annual period of fasting from sunrise to sunset for Bahá’ís 15-70 years of age who are healthy, not pregnant or nursing, or otherwise exempt.  It is a time of increased focus on rejuvenating and developing our spiritual life.  March [...]

Children perform at devotional gathering

February Events 2017


Dialog:  "Congruity between Chinese cultural history and the values of the Bahá’í Faith"  Friday, Feb. 10, 7:00 pm, Wilsonville.  Drs. Richard and May Czerniejewski will share reflections on their time in China, as well as stories of the remarkable persons they befriended there.  These two doctors have lived in the Caribbean as well as China, [...]

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Updated January Events 2017


Musical Devotions: NW Portland Friday, Jan. 13, 7:00 pm.  Welcome all to our monthly devotions! This month we will enjoy a musical interfaith devotional. We'll have some selected prayers and quotes, but feel free to bring any Writings/quotes/music you'd like to share. For more information, please call Nikki at 503 701-8995. Dialog:  "The Bahá’í Faith [...]


December 2016 Events


Dialog: "Baha’i House of Worship in Chile"  Wilsonville, Friday, Dec. 9, 7:00 pm.  Amir, Vahid and Kay Farzaneh and Luz Villarroel attended the dedication of the Baha’i House of Worship near Santiago, Chile in October 2016.  The House of Worship is not an ordinary building; it is a physical symbol of a spiritual concept of [...]

Education is Not a Crime photo

“TO LIGHT A CANDLE” Film Screenings


February Events part 2 - All are invited! The 55-minute documentary film "To Light a Candle" by Maziar Bahari sparked the global "Education Is Not A Crime" campaign for universal access to higher education. The campaign has been endorsed by a string of Nobel laureates and other prominent figures around the world. The Baha’is are Iran’s [...]