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Bahá’í Youth in the News

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A recent Lake Oswego Review included two articles featuring young Bahá’ís of the area. “Powerful lessons” introduces the Ash Street Virtues Class and its founders and teachers seventh-grader Jada Badiyan and eighth-grader Julia Yazhari, who “teach classes that are inspired by faith but open to children of all faiths, and they focus on developing good [...]

37th annual Baha’i Summer School a resounding success


The Oregon Badasht Bahá’í School took place August 10-15, 2010 with more than 140 in attendance from all ages (2 to 77). The school’s goals included “building spiritual community” and “creating an atmosphere conducive to the power of unity.”

Oregon Baha’i Summer School is open to everyone


Registration is now open for the Oregon Badasht Bahá’í Summer School, August 10-15, 2010. All are welcome to attend. The theme for the conference is “Choose For Yourself a Noble Goal.” This year’s Badasht Bahá’í Summer School promises to be a truly distinctive experience. There will be workshops for all age groups and the schedule is designed to foster the “building of spiritual community.”

Fun and games – just in time for Ayyam-i-Ha!


He was ready to call it a night when the wheels started turning. Bobby Picker Jr. jumped out of bed, grabbed some graph paper, and began to draw. “It was very linear when I first started, but now it’s a beautiful piece of artwork,” he said about his creation. It’s called Gems of Virtues, a [...]

Two Frogs in Bowl of Cream: Chicago, IL


Several young professionals in Chicago have started C-YA (“See ya”), the Chicago Youth Animator program to reach out to middle school students in the South Chicago Hyde Park neighborhood.

Stronger than a Tornado: North Carolina


The young are reaching the younger – youth, college students and young adults are starting junior youth groups where middle-schoolers are learning to voice their concerns, make suggestions for improvement in their communities and take powerful action.

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

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In nearly every country and culture adolescents between the ages of 11 and 14 are being empowered to effect positive change in their communities. The catalyst for this global effort is the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (SEP). SEP is a Bahá’í inspired educational curriculum for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 14 and has five primary purposes…

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