Bahá’í Youth in the News

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A recent Lake Oswego Review included two articles featuring young Bahá’ís of the area. “Powerful lessons” introduces the Ash Street Virtues Class and its founders and teachers seventh-grader Jada Badiyan and eighth-grader Julia Yazhari, who “teach classes that are inspired by faith but open to children of all faiths, and they focus on developing good [...]

Three friends enjoying the monthly gathering at Nine Star Ranch near Wilsonville.

Wilsonville Bahá’í Community News


The Wilsonville Bahá’í community was recently featured in an article written by Jake Bartman for The Wilsonville Spokesman.  Mr. Bartman noted that when Bahá’ís choose administrators in their communities, there are no nominations or electioneering, in contrast to U.S. politics.  There are no individuals who are “designated spiritual authorities” but there are locally-chosen members of Local Spiritual [...]

Insights from Yap inspire East Multnomah County study group

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by Robert Rozencranz Our Ruhi study class was small but spiritually mighty. Ruhi Study is based … on  consultation … we all studied together as opposed to top down management. Our study was the first Ruhi course, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. which is about virtue, the Power of Prayer,  praying daily and Life After [...]

Good Cheer for Ayyam-i-Ha

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Baha’i children in the NW Portland neighborhood undertook a service project during Ayyam-i-Ha at the end of February. They visited neighbors in their street, shared basic information and a flyer on Ayyam-i-Ha with each neighbor, and requested donations of canned and non-perishable foods for the Oregon Food Bank.Despite the cold weather and rain, they managed [...]

Portland NE Neighborhood

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We learned that spiritual conversations and invitations to a spaghetti dinner by a few individuals could bring together a study circle of 12 neighbors and newly-made friends.

Wilsonville & Environs

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Every month the Ramchandanis open their home (Nine Star Ranch) to all who are interested in hearing about the Baha’i Faith. This “fireside” is an informal gathering full of lively discussions, music and warm hospitality.

“The fireside is wonderful and full of spirit. Guests arrive for a wonderful evening program to learn about the Baha’i Faith, Bahá’u’lláh (Founder of the Bahá’í Faith) and to visit with one another. We hope you can join us.” ~ Farah

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