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Fun and games – just in time for Ayyam-i-Ha!


He was ready to call it a night when the wheels started turning. Bobby Picker Jr. jumped out of bed, grabbed some graph paper, and began to draw. “It was very linear when I first started, but now it’s a beautiful piece of artwork,” he said about his creation. It’s called Gems of Virtues, a [...]

Spiritual Study Classes

Our Focus

The purpose of the Bahá’í Faith is to unite all of humanity and rebuild society. It’s an organic process that can’t be dictated from above. It starts with the individual’s recognition that there is more to life than material gain, that we are spiritual beings and our greatest happiness truly is in serving others. Such a [...]

Universal education: a plan unfolds

News, Perspectives

In 1863 Baha’u’llah declared that a New Day had arrived for humanity. Among His Teachings was the principle that universal education is essential for world peace. If universal education is to be achieved, there is certainly hope for a new world. But how will it be achieved? How will it be possible to educate all [...]

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