Leaves of one branch
Let each morn be better than its eve…
Let your vision be world embracing

Declaration of The Báb May 22, 2016

Photo of the Shrine of the Bab on Mt. Carmel News

Two hours after sunset on May 22, 1844, a young man, Whose title is The Báb ("gate" in Arabic), announced that He was the bearer of a long-promised Divine Revelation destined to transform the spiritual life of the human race. His role was that of a portal through which the universally anticipated Revelation of God… [Read More]

May Events 2016

Quiet Genocide News

A discussion of health and medicine from the perspective of the Bahá’í teachings, and an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of religious persecution in Iran are happening this coming week. WILSONVILLE FRIDAY, MAY 13 at 7:00 pm: The Tablet of Medicine provides a foundation for "global medicine" uniting east and west, ancient and modern, science… [Read More]

Leaves of one branch

fruit of one tree Quotes

"The primary foundation of the faith of God and the religion of God is this, that they should not make diverse sects and various paths the cause and reason of hatred. These principles and laws and firm sure roads appear from one dawning-place and shine from one dayspring, and these diversities were out of regard… [Read More]

Celebrate Days of Paradise

Ridvan Garden News

Bahá’u’lláh first announced His Divine Mission as a Messenger of God during the 12 days He called the days of paradise (i.e. “Ridván” which is pronounced rezz-von).  This springtime event took place in a rose-filled garden full of singing birds, where friends stayed in large tents.  It was a brief interlude in the 40 years of… [Read More]

Bahá’í New Year Celebrations

tulip tree in bloom News

The Bahá’í New Year falls on the spring equinox, which this year is March 20, and you are invited to a celebration! SATURDAY MARCH 19: VANCOUVER 6:00-8:00 pm, Camas Community Center, 1718 SE 7th St. Camas, WA:  Celebrate the New Year with the communities of Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal!  There will be a program, followed… [Read More]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program

Dr. King program 2016 News

On Sunday afternoon, January 17, 2016, at the Lake Oswego Public Library, a group of Lake Oswego Bahá’í children, junior youth, and youth, joined by some additional young friends, presented a program to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The young participants read a number of inspirational quotes by King, as well… [Read More]

Wilsonville Bahá’í Community News

Three friends enjoying the monthly gathering at Nine Star Ranch near Wilsonville. News

The Wilsonville Bahá’í community was recently featured in an article written by Jake Bartman for The Wilsonville Spokesman.  Mr. Bartman noted that when Bahá’ís choose administrators in their communities, there are no nominations or electioneering, in contrast to U.S. politics.  There are no individuals who are "designated spiritual authorities" but there are locally-chosen members of Local Spiritual… [Read More]

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