Youth: in their own words

Local youth share their perspectives on the Baha’i Faith, what it offers youth and what it offers the world.


“We hear that statement all the time: ‘Youth can move the world.’ And it’s really happening…”


“Being engaged in service to others, I finally began to understand this purpose. I began to understand… my own purpose – why we are here and what we are meant to do with our lives.”


“My background is one of revolutionary studies, social justice, human rights work. The Writings that I’ve come across in the Faith are the most radical, revolutionary texts that I’ve come across.


“What the Faith gives youth and young children is some compass to measure life by…. When you grow up to make your own decisions, you don’t have your parents there to help you out. That’s when the Faith really guides you.”


“As a Baha’i youth, there’s a place for us. On the Administration, even…. In fact, being a Baha’i youth is a very honored place; it’s a very honored position.”


“(The Baha’i Faith) offers (the youth) a chance to build a better place in the world… It offers spiritual solutions with regards to poverty, racism, equality of men and women, education for everyone, peace.”


What is unique about Baha’u’llah?
“For me, it’s the Words. It’s poetry. I’ve fallen in love with just reading the Words… Just the Words themselves are so beautiful… It’s easy to get into what He’s saying.”


“For me the Baha’i Faith has been such a source of hope and inner peace and complete happiness. The things that we are seeing in the world are just the birth pangs of this new world that we’re all actively working towards building.”


“Just the environment and the support that the Baha’is give is amazing. And it’s really helpful to get through high school, knowing you have a supportive background…”


“The Baha’i Faith offers the youth… really awesome friendships…. Even if you are on opposite sides of the world, you know they’re always going to be there for you.”


“It’s really the love that draws us all to the Faith… and the friends that you find.”