Children’s Spiritual Education Classes

"From their earliest years they will be taught to have high aims... and will learn to be of powerful resolve." —'Abdu'l-Baha

“From their earliest years they will be taught to have high aims…and will learn to be of powerful resolve.” —’Abdu’l-Baha

Bahá’ís in local communities around the world hold weekly children’s classes to develop virtues, learn the history and principles of the Bahá’í Faith and to create a strong moral framework in which they can achieve excellence in the material, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life.

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Weekly children’s classes involve:

  • Saying prayers and singing songs
  • Memorizing quotations
  • Learning stories
  • Playing games
  • Creating art projects

These classes help children:

  • Develop spiritual qualities such as love, generosity, unity, truthfulness, kindness and justice
  • Discover their own unique talents and capacities
  • Discover the world of nature and create beautiful works of art
  • Develop a sense of purpose

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