Bilal Mosque opens its doors to foster understanding

Symbols of the world's religionsEvery year the Bilal Mosque in Beaverton marks the anniversary of 9/11 with an open house—to reach out to the community and provide an opportunity for people to come together and learn about the Moslem community and beliefs. This year, people came in greater numbers than ever. Here’s one person’s account of the day: 

I went to the mosque today and was greeted by kind, generous people.

I slipped off my shoes at the door and my daughter did the same. We entered a room full of shining faces and warm hearts.

The utterance of God is a lamp, whose light is these words: Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship. He Who is the Day Star of Truth beareth Me witness! So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.
~ Bahá’u’lláh

We came from all corners of the city to join our Moslem brothers and sisters. We came from every faith and no faith. Christians, Jews, Baha’is, Moslems, individuals from all walks of life–sharing good food and great stories.

We came to learn about one another, to honor each other, to celebrate our wonderful diversity. We came to stand together in harmony. We came to work together for peace and understanding.

We came to reaffirm that we are all one people, one human family.

~ Sara DeHoff