A “Grimm” Tale at the Portland Baha’i Center

Film crew staging area for TV series "Grimm"

The Portland Baha'i Center’s main hall was transformed for a day into the film crew’s “staging area”.

NBC/Universal Pictures is using the Portland Baha’i Center as a location for filming scenes in the upcoming TV Series “Grimm”. The series is being filmed at the former North Precinct building for the Portland Police in St Johns, and the production company wanted to find a space close by that could serve as a location to film a scene of a lawyer’s office. They noticed that Portland Baha’i Center had similar architecture to the precinct building and contacted the Baha’is to see if they could use the Center for such purposes.

Since they were scheduling the filming during a time low use at the Center, and would place everything back to its original or better condition in time for our Holy Day observance, the Portland Baha’i Spiritual Assembly approved. The film will not identify the Center as “Bahá’í” nor will any images or symbols of the Faith appear.

The Center’s exterior, foyer, back hallway, and Spiritual Assembly meeting room were transformed for filming purposes into the “law office” of “Mason Snyder”, an ambulance chasing attorney who will “fight for you.” Apparently in the story, he means this quite literally, given the amount of fake blood spilled onto the prop carpet. Only those already familiar with the building will be able to tell that it is taking place at the Center. In case you are curious, the scenes will be included in the 8th episode in the series, which happens also to be the same episode in which our own Scott Raymond may be appearing as an “extra” in the background. The series premieres on Friday, October 28th.