A Poem to Celebrate the Bab

The 200th anniversary of the Birth of the Bab will be celebrated this year on Monday, October 28. The piece below was written by Larry Hill for this occasion.

On May 23-24 we celebrate the Declaration of the Bab, one whose place in history was foretold in scriptures sent down by our Creator.

We gather to recognize the importance of the Bab, and to remain steadfast in our quest to fulfill what God has intended on this Planet: That all mankind would be known as one people, that we would have universal peace, and that Heaven on Earth would occur for all persons who drink water, breath air and eat food on this planet.

On this day, the fulfillment of the first of the Twin Manifestations was declared, paving the way for our present day dispensation as outlined by Baha’u’llah.

Against all Worldly odds, the Bab arose… to declare that He was the “Promised One” that had been foretold

When mankind loses their way, and the veils of Earthly desires and possessions delude man’s sensibilities

God reaffirms His Covenant by sending Manifestations to provide guidance and clarity

The Bab, the Exalted One, the Gate, the Morn of Truth, the splendor of Whose light shineth throughout all regions

Was sent to prepare the Earth for Baha’u’llah, during one of the World’s grayest seasons

The path to God’s true plan for this day and age began many years ago on this day

When the Bab made a declaration to Mulla Husayn that indeed He was the one that generations had prayed for … God had once again intervened to prepare the World for a new pathway!

His declaration changed mankind forever; count yourself as a blessed soul if you’ve heard and believed the words of the Bab for mankind, God’s greatest treasure

“I am the promised one” – spoken by the Bab, the declaration of incomparable measure!

Larry Hill – 2016