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Portland Bahá’í Center
8720 N Ivanhoe Street Portland, OR 97203-4830

(located in the Saint John’s district)
Trimet bus routes #4, 16, 17, 44, 75

History of the Portland Bahá’í Center On September 17, 1992, the Bahá’ís purchased the historic and beautiful St. John’s Post Office for a Center. Designed by local architect Francis Marion Stokes, the magnificent building was constructed in 1932.  According to the retired St. John Postal Superintendent Bill Oeschger, “when Mr. Newman, the government inspector, looked over his new post office back in ’33, he said it was the best-lighted, best-architected, best-built building he had seen anywhere in the region at that time.”

Currently the Bahá’í Center hosts a range of events for all ages: devotional gatherings, classes for adults, youth and children, and informational meetings.

The Bahá’í community in Portland is a growing and vibrant community with spiritual and social activities in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Bahá’ís have regular meetings for worship and social and educational activities for children, youth, and adults, open to all. Bahá’ís gather in study circles to explore in a participatory manner Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings. There are also activities for service, observances of Bahá’í holy days and other events to which all are welcome. Informal gatherings, sometimes referred to as “fireside meetings,” provide an open setting for asking questions and learning more about the Faith for oneself.

Our local Bookshop is open during Bahá’í events at the Portland Bahá’í Center. If you want to order any books or teaching materials, contact Patti Ng, Bookshop Manager.