Bahá’í Youth in the News

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A recent Lake Oswego Review included two articles featuring young Bahá’ís of the area. “Powerful lessons” introduces the Ash Street Virtues Class and its founders and teachers seventh-grader Jada Badiyan and eighth-grader Julia Yazhari, who “teach classes that are inspired by faith but open to children of all faiths, and they focus on developing good [...]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program


On Sunday afternoon, January 17, 2016, at the Lake Oswego Public Library, a group of Lake Oswego Bahá’í children, junior youth, and youth, joined by some additional young friends, presented a program to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The young participants read a number of inspirational quotes by King, as well [...]

Tehran and Portland: Cities of Light


“Tehran and Portland: Cities of Light” tells the stories of two young Baha’i couples. One couple lives in Iran, and the other one in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. One couple faces severe religious persecution, and the other one the destructive forces which operate in every society. However, they strive to rise above the [...]

Martin Luther King Jr. event featured on OregonLive


  Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. prepared by Dennis Noack. Youth from around Washington County played a big role in the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on Sunday at the Southminster Presbyterian Church. Naman Jain, a junior at the School of Science and Technology in Beaverton, won the Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission’s Creative [...]

Virtues in today’s society

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by Anita Cleven Children live in a society where their moral character is constantly tested with worldly desires, selfish thoughts, and vain imaginings. According to the US Surgeon General, almost one out of every three (sixteen to seventeen year olds) in the United States reports that he or she has participated in acts of serious [...]

37th annual Baha’i Summer School a resounding success


The Oregon Badasht Bahá’í School took place August 10-15, 2010 with more than 140 in attendance from all ages (2 to 77). The school’s goals included “building spiritual community” and “creating an atmosphere conducive to the power of unity.”

Young people aim for a “coherent” life as they plan their future


SANTA ROSA DE COPAN, Honduras — Having a belief system is not so difficult, said 25-year-old Nava, participating in a recent university seminar in Honduras. The challenging part is building your life around your beliefs. More than 1,500 young people addressed this challenge at recent Baha’i gatherings in five countries – Honduras, Italy, Australia, England, [...]

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